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LED Lighting Market - UK

RGB LED Controller
This model LED controller, has an infrared remote control, with a range of up to 10m...
£14.90 £8.90
LED Power Supply 12V 5A 60W
Power supply for LED lighting 12v 5A 60W Size 160х100х38mm LED power supply wit..
£29.90 £16.90
LED Strip Lights Warm White 5m 60leds/m
Warm White the price is per 5 meters Average price per meter - £3.59 Solid-sta..
£29.90 £17.90
LED Power Supply 12V 2A 24W
Power supply for LED lighting 12V 2A 24W Size 85х59х33m LED power supply with a..
£14.90 £8.90
Waterproof RGB LED Strip Lights 5m 30leds/m
The price is per 5 meters Average price per meter – £7.98 This full coloured w..
£49.90 £39.90
LED Floodlight 20W
This is the second most powerful LED floodlight in the series. It uses only 20W and a..
£49.90 £39.90

Welcome to LED Lighting Market

LED Lighting Market Ltd is a company specializing in import and distribution of LED Lighting in the UK.

All the available products from our catalogue for LED Lighting are directly dispatched from our warehouse.
We offer various LED Lighting devices. On our website you can find LED Lighting for your home, garden, office, store, gallery and many other uses.
All of our LED Lighting products come with one year warranty. Also, if your purchase is over £70.00 you will get a free delivery. If you have any questions in connection with our LED Lighting you can contact us via the contact form on our website or call us on - 0800 612 5346

LED Lighting Market - LTD 
Company registration number: 07780884
VAT number: GB 121029370

free call - 0800 612 5346